The determination of body composition is important because it helps your clinician better predict changes in your health, since body fat composition represents different aspects of growth, aging, malnutrition, and obesity as well as the impact of medical interventions. Among several methods for studying in vivo human body composition, dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) has emerged as one of the most effective clinical tools. Typically the energy source produces photons at two different energy levels, which pass through body tissues and are blocked at rates related to its basic composition. Bone is dense due to presence of minerals, calcium and phosphorous, and is readily distinguished from soft tissues. Since bone is denser it will block more of the phtotons. The unique elemental profiles of bone, fat, and muscle allow for visualization and separate analysis of each tissue type.

At Guilford Radiology we use the latetst state of the art equipment to perform this exam, which only takes several minutes to complete. Your questions will be answered by the radiologist physician at completion. Some patients may be eligible for a free examinations. Call us to learn more.