Pediatric Imaging

At Guilford Radiology, Safety Always Comes First, Especially For Our Youngest Patients

At Guilford Radiology, we treat our youngest patients with the utmost care. Connecticut parents can rest assured: Safety is always our number one concern. Please click here to learn more about pediatric imaging safety.

But taking care of your children when you bring them to us for imaging care is more than ensuring safety.  It’s making sure that you and your child are comfortable before, during and after the procedure.  It’s ensuring that you and your child understand what will happen and what to expect, how something might feel during the procedure, what the machines will look like and what they will sound like.  We understand that your child is an individual with his or her individual fears and concerns, and we will take the extra time to talk with the you and your child to find out what those fears and concerns are and to help you and your child understand and get through the exam itself.

Guilford Radiology is accredited by the American College of Radiology for CT Pediatric imaging, and proudly holds Image Gently certification demonstrating expertise in and low dosage during CT imaging. At both of our locations, we use special shields which will protect your child's sensitive tissues (eyes, breasts, and thyroid glands) from unnecessary exposure.

Dealing with your child’s medical concern is challenging to any parent.  When it comes to medical imaging, Guilford Radiology will offer you and your child a safe, comfortable experience, and the quality, digital medical imaging necessary to help your child get better.